Dubai court ordered three people jailed and to be deported for forcing minor into prostitution

The Dubai Court of Appeal has upheld a ruling by a court of first instance which convicted three people for exploiting a minor and forcing her into prostitution.
According to police records, documented information was received by the police stating that a girl under the age of 18 was detained in an apartment, and a gang exploited her in immoral acts and employed her in a nightclub.

A policeman stated that he prepared an ambush to arrest the gang members. He went to the hotel where the girl worked and met one of the members. He spoke to him and expressed his admiration for the girl. The member then agreed to prostitute her, charging Dh3,000 for her services and Dh30 for renting a room in the hotel. The policeman agreed and then gave his colleagues the required information.

After obtaining permission from the Dubai Public Prosecution, police arrested those involved in the crime, including the person who spoke to the police, the driver who took the girl from her home, and the third member who held her captive.

The victim said that she arrived in the country one month before the case was reported. One of the gang members, whose number she got from her friend, told her there was a job opportunity in a hotel in Dubai, with a monthly salary of Dh2,000. She agreed to take the job and the person she spoke to got her a passport. He lied about her age on the document, saying that she was above 18, when in fact she was a minor.

When she arrived in Dubai, she was received by another member of the gang who brought her to an apartment, took her passport and visa and locked her in. He told her that she would have to work as a dancer and prostitute against her will. She said in her statement that she did the work for a month before the police received the report.

All the accused confessed to their crimes and were sentenced to three years in prison followed by deportation.