The Philadelphia Inquirer got attacked by Cuba Ransomware Gang

The Philadelphia Inquirer is Philadelphia’s largest (by circulation) newspaper. It is the third-longest continuously operating daily newspaper in the U.S., founded in 1829, and it has won 20 Pulitzer Prizes for its journalistic excellence.

On May 14th, The Inquirer disclosed that it had suffered a cyberattack that forced its IT team to take computer systems offline to prevent the attack’s spread. Additionally, the newspaper contracted forensics experts from Kroll to investigate cyber attack.

The attack disrupted the publication of the print newspaper, the home-delivery subscribers were invited to catch up with the latest news on the newspaper’s website (, which remained unaffected.

The Cuba released publicly on Cuba’s extortion portal, includes, according to the threat actors, financial documents, correspondence with bank employees, account movements, balance sheets, tax documents, compensation, and source code etc.

The Inquirer further states that they are still investigating whether personal data was stolen during the attack, and if discovered, will notify impacted individuals.