“Smart City” – The NSW Government has committed over $1 billion to kickstart development of the Bradfield City Centre as Australia’s newest city centre for the 22nd Century.

The Bradfield City Center will be Australia’s first 22nd Century City. A globally competitive centre for advanced manufacturing that will become the best place in the Indo-Pacific for industry to research, develop and commercialise innovative products and processes.

“Bradfield City Center” will be located within the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. It will be built on Government land near Badgerys Creek Road, Bringelly, on the doorstep of the of the new Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport.

The Bradfield City Centre will be a cyber-secure, advanced, green and connected hub for advanced industries.

The NSW Government investment of over $1 billion to activate the Bradfield City Centre for private sector-led development includes:

• Around 36 hectares of public domain – including parks, plazas and water features
• 60 hectares of land prepared for development – including earthworks, roads, and utilities
• The National Security Quarter – a new hub for the advanced defence and innovation sectors
• Advanced Manufacturing skills – a pilot training program to provide a skilled, engaged workforce ready for the needs of modern manufacturing environments
• Visitor centre and high-tech research facility – with shared space and equipment for international advanced industry firms and local manufacturers
• Digitally-enabled city centre and public domain – including high capacity conduit, common access ducts, and smart infrastructure
• Commercial and community facilities – including retail, cultural, childcare and car parking
• A new metro station with an integrated plaza just minutes from the international airport
• Dining, entertainment and leisure – around public waterways

The NSW Government has committed over $1 billion to begin delivery of the Bradfield City Centre, with construction set to commence in 2022 and the first building delivered in 2023.