Mesmerise Appoints Leslie Marshall as Chief Marketing Officer

Mesmerise, the enterprise’s trusted guide to the Metaverse, today announced the appointment of Leslie Marshall as its first Chief Marketing Officer. Marshall, who previously served as the Head of Experiential Marketing at Morningstar, will work with Mesmerise’s leadership to showcase the Mesmerise story and brand, identify opportunities to drive innovation, and accelerate revenue.

An accomplished enterprise marketer, Marshall will tap her multiple decades of experiential marketing, product marketing, brand management and digital transformation experience to help Mesmerise capitalize on a period of accelerated growth and interest in the Metaverse. With Marshall at the helm, Mesmerise will further build out efforts in brand, digital, communications, and content strategy, bringing on new team members in both the U.S. and U.K.

“We are thrilled to welcome Leslie to the Mesmerise team,” said Andrew Hawken, CEO and Co-Founder of Mesmerise. “With her decades of experience working at the cutting edge of marketing for the enterprise, we could think of no better leader to help us build the enterprise VR brand of the future.”

“Mesmerise has become an indispensable guide to VR and the Metaverse over the years,” said Marshall. “I’m incredibly energized by the work that they’ve done in defining the space and leading some of the world’s largest companies into this new era of technology. I’m looking forward to working with their world-class team to capitalize on the incredible opportunity in front of us.”

Prior to joining Mesmerise, Marshall spent sixteen years at Morningstar, most recently serving as the Head of Experiential Marketing where she led the team that defined and executed the digital transformation of Morningstar’s popular and industry-renowned event series. Her team won multiple industry awards for their groundbreaking work while introducing best-in-class digital practices that significantly enhanced attendee experience and brand exposure. At Morningstar, Marshall worked closely with Mesmerise to introduce, develop and host the VR component of the annual Morningstar Investment Conference for three years running, in addition to cultivating groundbreaking interactive VR experiences, Sustainable City and Bee Game.

In addition to her role at Mesmerise, Marshall also serves as the President of the American Marketing Association’s Chicago chapter.

About Mesmerise

Mesmerise, the trusted guide to the Metaverse, helps leading enterprises, including Morningstar, Wells Fargo, and Allianz, host immersive meetings, conferences, training sessions, and events in virtual reality. Through Mesmerise’s proprietary Gatherings platform, global companies can bring their teams together to host custom virtual experiences for any occasion utilizing a dedicated digital headquarters. Mesmerise was founded in 2016 by Andrew Hawken and Daglar Cizmeci, originally launched in the U.K. Today, the company’s immersive VR experiences span the globe with nearly 200 employees worldwide. The company is based in London with U.S. headquarters in Santa Monica, California. To learn more about Mesmerise, visit