Joanne Wright become IBM SVP of transformation and operations

IBM has announced important announcements that Joanne Wright will become the new SVP of transformation and operations.
In her new role, Joanne will continue work to transform our business operations. One of her key focus areas will be to simplify the way our company runs by infusing capabilities such as automation and intelligent workflows across the organization. This will help boost productivity, which is essential as we accelerate the execution of our strategy and continuously find ways to better serve our clients and partners. Her leadership responsibilities will span across operations, procurement, the Chief Information Office, and the Chief Data Office.

Joanne is a leader with a deep understanding of our business, as well as the needs of IBMers, our clients and partners. In her almost 25-year career at IBM, Joanne has held key leadership roles across procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, and operations. She has also led the transformation of our quote-to-cash process and helped make IBM client zero for our automation and advanced analytics technology. In this new role, Joanne will report to Jim Kavanaugh, and become a member of IBM’s Executive Leadership Team.