Fujitsu Smart City 14 GB Data (5G Source Code) Leaked

A hacker is claiming to have breached Fujitsu’s code repositories and is now selling the source code for Fujitsu’s Smart City 5G project online. The data was leaked on a popular hacking forum.
The data appeared on the hacking forum ‘Breached’ over the weekend, with links to a third-party file-sharing platform where anyone could download and view samples from Fujitsu’s Smart City 5G code. On the Forum, the seller is claiming to have 14 GB of source code from the Fujitsu Smart City 5G project and claiming to have breached Fujitsu via an internal GitLab server.

The threat actor mentioned as ” Fujitsu Smart City 5G Source Code Leak”
Good day, friends!

Today I am pleased to present to you the incredible data of Fujitsu, which offers a broad range of products, services and e-solutions, and have approximately 130,000 employees supporting customers in 180 countries.

In my possession there are 14 GB source codes from internal gitlab of its major project named Smart City 5G.

The company is implementing this project around the world and is not going to stop, so having the source code in your hands, you pose a huge threat to the entire company and customers who use this development.

This is exceptional information, and I could sell this code to the company’s main competitors (Western Digital Corp, Capgemini, Cognizant Tech Solutions and others) for a big price but I don’t have time to do it. I am ready to sell this data in one hand and more – the price will pleasantly surprise you.

Do not write to me :

  • if you have no real interest in acquiring this data Exclamation
  • if you are a youngster hacker who just wants to know the price Exclamation

Pass for sample: E/v;$wzXk!~i&waAom?J|'{J%]*j1jT?t_r7l”V3″~yB2vM+$qi92A[Zg#as#-]%

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