Fighting Ransomware with Vulnerability Management

Webinar : Fighting Ransomware with Vulnerability Management
Ransomware is one of the biggest threats for organizations nowadays. The expectation is that this threat will grow even further. That is because ransomware is such a lucrative business case for cybercriminals: organizations are too often unprepared for these attacks and decide to pay the ransom, while ransomware components are readily available. This webinar will investigate these factors and explain how organizations can become more resilient against these attacks. We will be using examples of recent ransomware attacks in different industries. Given the complexity and variety of new ransomware threats emerging daily, it can be difficult for IT teams of any size to figure out how to detect ransomware and respond to it while managing the rest of their cybersecurity needs. To address such a dynamic problem requires a more holistic approach to vulnerability management, and to be the most effective, it will also require cross-organizational coordination.

• Introductions
• Overview of Cyber Risks and Top Cyber Impact
• Ransomware Attack
• Anatomy of a ransomware attack
• Evolution of ransomware
• Ransomware Prevention and Best Practices
• Risk-Based Vulnerability Management
• Effectively identifying and prioritizing the highest-risk vulnerabilities in your environment
• The impact of asset criticality on your vulnerability management efforts
• Employing secure configurations and other safeguards to harden your environment
• Additional steps you can take to mitigate your risk of ransomware

Session will be delivered Live online January 25 at 10:30 p.m by
* Andrew Pearson: Principal Security Engineer,
* Clint Harris, Principal Architect
* Geoff Mefford, Cybersecurity Consultant

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