EuroSchool, Whitefield. An Venture of Lighthouse Learning celebrated Annual Day

EuroSchool, Whitefield venture of Lighthouse Learning, India’s leading early childhood & K-12 education group Whitefield campus has celebrated an Annual Day at the school auditorium. The programme began with a Candel lightening and prayer, which highlighted unity among all religions.

Shruthi Yalamalli Arun, School Director and Principle started with providing insights and achevivements of students and school. she appreciated the teachers for their sacrifice in shaping the minds of the students. Followed by a mind-blowing performance by the little children started. The whole parents community was cheering up and enjoying during the session.

The program ended with appreciation to students and staff of the entire school performed on the stage. All the people who attended that annual day enjoyed it. In fact, this was a memorable day.

EuroSchool, Whitefield Bangalore India