Cyber Attacks predictions for 2023

2022 was a pivotal year in the cyberthreat landscape. With the Russia-Ukraine war emboldening nation-state hackers and professional cybercriminals alike, organizations are under increasing pressure to optimize their security operations just to keep up.

Cyberspace council recently asked global organizations to outline their security priorities and predictions for 2023.

The Ransomware attacks are getting transform into Killware Attacks, says Security & Policing expert Dr Zakir Hussain.

He said, The cyberspace attacks are getting transition into Most Dangerous Evolution over years. In Previous years, Ransomware attacks has created disaster on the economy and in 2023 killware attacks are going to increase.

“Killware” attacks — cyberattacks that aim to cause direct physical damage and bodily harm — are a serious concern for critical infrastructure operators such as oil and gas pipelines, water systems, power generators and medical facilities.